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# Name PVP
1 dvp 6
2 Abby 5
3 ProPW 1
4 klev 4
5 Liam4Ever 9
6 CandyCaramel 2
7 TipoLT 1
8 Titan 0
9 NizZe 0
10 BeatrixKiddo 0
# Name PK
1 dvp 5
2 Abby 4
3 ProPW 3
4 klev 3
5 Liam4Ever 2
6 CandyCaramel 2
7 TipoLT 2
8 Titan 2
9 NizZe 2
10 BeatrixKiddo 1
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Grand Opening
L2 RoyalWarriors is a highly customized server and the original old school server. All our changes were designed to give the players somthing new and unique. We also have tons of mini quests that make it easier and more fun to level and less with that same-old-same-old grind.
We have a large number of unique and custom items, such as armors, weapons, tattoos and other cool stuff. We have made it so most of the "normal" stuff that you will see on other servers is much easier to get, which will allow you get focus more on custom stuff. With our custom weapon and cool armors you will have hours of fun! We also have cool tattoos and other crazy stuff you can farm. With all this cool custom gear it gives you a unique PvP experience with more options and setups then some common copypasta server.
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RoyalWarriors (INTERLUDE):Offline
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